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ALT Light

ALT Light L lamp

ALT Light L lamp

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The ALT Light L lamp was designed to be entirely 3D printed with organically sourced PLA, based on corn starch. This manufacturing method avoids mass production and stock management, which sometimes end up in waste when unsold. Each piece is printed to order and delivered in as minimal postal packaging as possible, in order to minimize the environmental impact.

This lamp, simple in appearance, is the result of several months of research to obtain translucency in the material and an optimal rendering while saving as much material as possible. However, each lamp is different and some minor defects due to the manufacturing process may exist. These defects will be barely noticeable, will not harm the use or aesthetics of your item in any way and will make your lamp a unique object. Likewise, certain components may differ from one product to another depending on supply without this having an impact on the quality or visual appearance of your item.

This product should only be used with an LED bulb, to avoid overheating and ensure user safety. It should also be kept away from intense sources of heat and humidity. This product has been designed for indoor use only.

Poids net/brut kg 0,65
 Dimensions  mm 198x308x184
Température de fonctionnement °c 0-45
Ampoule (fournie) E27 LED  8W 220-240V 2700K
Matériau PLA Acide Polylactique

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