Alexandre Touguet

ALT Design

ALT Design Studio is a Product Design agency founded by Alexandre Touguet in 2018. After working for more than ten years in Paris alongside the biggest names in French Design, Alexandre decided to create his own agency in Nantes. He works there for sectors as varied as luxury, tech, medical and even furniture. He works in the shadow of major brands and uses his free time to create for prospective purposes all kinds of everyday objects: honeycomb keyboard, toothbrush with interchangeable head, office accessories etc... All these creations met with some success on social networks, which allowed him to be recognized internationally.

ALT Design

Lise Rissel

ALT Light

During 2020, the studio equipped itself with high-end 3D printers and devoted a lot of time to the development of new products using this technology. Alexandre experiments with a multitude of compatible materials and is interested in their refraction and their ability to transmit and diffuse light. At the end of 2023, Lise, with whom he shares his life, joins the adventure in order to develop the brand and the concept. That’s when ALT Light was born, a brand of innovative 3D printed lighting.